Saturday, June 30, 2012

Blade of the Immortal – Gichi

Well as Ben requested I've gone and done a Blade of the immortal piece. Blade of the immortal which is written and illustrated by the master artist Hiroaki Samura is huge inspiration of mine.

As I'm trying to challenge myself a bit more I decided to take a more dynamic angle for the piece, and I found it very difficult at first. Went through a lot of iterations, looked up lots of reference and took a few photos myself just to see how it should look and trying to get the perspective correct. Its not perfect by any means, but it was certainly a learning experience. Found myself wishing I had the wacom while at this as I think I could progress it into a decent piece with a bit more time on the computer, so it may be one to come back to.

Anyway as always feedback is welcome!

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Some new Sketching

Its been a long time since I put up a post so I decided to get back to it.

Well its not perfect, but I'm happy enough with it. Some of the perspective is off and anatomy could use some more work. I didn't use any reference for this, but as a result I think i'll need to get back to some more life studies. Trying to convey shape with the web lines on his suit, which helps give it a bit of volume. Going to start leaving my comfort zone a little from now on and try and tackle some of my weaker areas, so hopefully I'll be posting more stuff here in the near future. Any feedback is welcome of course!