Friday, November 19, 2010

IADT Animation Brochure.

Over the past 3/2weeks I've been working on a brochure / Poster in college. We were all divided into groups and each group was given a course for which they had to design a brochure that folded out into an poster and also had information on the course.

Although the project is over I want to give it another go over before I finish with it.

This was the first one I designed, the tutors advised me that It should be tamed down a bit, obvious things like consideration of the logo needed to be looked at also. The font is hand drawn, a modified version of a existing font.

This is the revised version, and what I submitted for the final Presentation. The only thing that concerns me is the fact that there seems to be a theme of destruction in this. So perhaps when I revise it I will just have to change a few drawings, like the massive crack in the middle and the atomic bomb (although I kind of like that).

The back carries the colours over, and is a lot more visually calm. I think the pictures here will need to be modified to break up the grid a little. There is a few other things I may need to do also before I can finish up with it.

Heres the two sides, front and back together, all the coloured paper matches up exactly, to give the impression the the paper is actually folding over to the other side.

Here is some documentation of the brochure folded, I think the fold is one of the main things that need revision.  The fold really dictates the layout of the information on the inside, and this was one of the things that took awhile to consider, I'm not sure how I will go about changing this yet.

So thats it for now anyway, hopefully in a bit of time I will be able to post up the finished version on my website in January. Feel free to critique the work, I'm open to suggestions on this.

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